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How long will it take to get a candidate on site with a UK Work Permit?

If the candidate does not need UK Entry Clearance then they can fly to the UK on the day the Work Permit is approved and printed. If an application goes smoothly, the Work Permit will usually be printed within 3-4 weeks of making the application (timings at October 2000). However, processing times are decreasing and the Work Permits (UK) has a stated aim to process 75% of work permit applications within 1 week of submission; their target is to achieving this by the second quarter of 2001.

During times of peak demand and during holiday periods (in particular late July to the end of September, and mid December to mid January) processing times often become slightly extended.

Because of Security clearance procedures, applications take a little longer for Russian nationals, and can take a lot longer for nationals of North Korea, Libya, Iraq, and China (PRC)

If the candidate needs entry clearance, entry to the UK will usually take c3 weeks from the printing of the Work Permit. For details on obtaining entry clearance, please Click Here.