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How does my client apply for a UK Work Permit?

With your help, can do almost all the work so that life is made as easy as possible for your client. The flow chart below shows all that needs to be done

In order to apply for a work permit, just follow the flow chart below, or Click Here to go to's on-line application form

You complete the on-line application form (THIS IS A FREE SERVICE) considers the application and lets you know if it will succeed. If, as is usually the case for IT staff, the application will be successful, We then formalise instruction and ask to talk to your client (we normally only need to talk to them for 10-15 minutes) e-mails to your client a completed work permit application form (WP1)

Your client prints the form, signs it, and returns it to

You send

  1. Copies of all academic/professional qualifications of the candidate
  2. Original employer's references covering, ideally, the last 5 years of the candidate's employment
  3. Copies of any advertisements used to try to find an EU candidate makes the work permit application; after 4-6 weeks, the permit is approved by Work Permits (UK), and is sent to sends the permit to you. Where necessary (for example, where the candidate is an Indian National), we also send instructions on how to obtain a visa from the British High Commission.

If the candidate is already in the UK on a work permit for another employer, they can start work for your client immediately, but will later need to send their passports to the Home Office.

If you would like to apply now, Click Here to go to's on-line application form.