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The first thing you need to know is that you, as an employee (or potential employee) can not apply for a UK work permit. A UK work permit application must be made by the UK firm which wants to employ you. There has been much discussion in the UK about introducing a points based independent immigration system for skilled staff, similar to that offered by Canada and Australia. Unfortunately, that has not yet occurred, and while we do have a pilot scheme for exceptionally talented individuals it is of very limited use.

If you do not yet have an employer lined up, don’t worry:

Once you do get a work permit, it is not a general permission to work in the UK. It is specific to the employer who applied for it. If you have a UK work permit and want to change jobs, you will first need another permit which will need to be obtained by your new prospective employer.

You may come across employers who say "we don’t deal with candidates who need work permits – go and arrange your own work permit and then come back to us". Such employers are asking you to do the impossible, but don’t worry – if you contact we will be happy to contact them and clarify the position.

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If you have an employer and are in a hurry and just want to go ahead with an assessment / application, please Click Here for details of what to do.