Do I need a Work Permit?

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Before going to the effort of obtaining a work permit, you should ask:

Does the candidate need a UK Work Permit to work in the UK?

The following categories of people can take up any lawful employment in the UK and do not need a Work Permit:

NB Nationals of those countries with a (*) above must apply for a registration certificate under the Worker Registration Scheme within one month of commencing a new job in the UK.

In addition to these categories of people, nationals of European Community Association Agreement countries (Bulgaria and Romania) may come to the UK to set up in business and are exempt from the usual investment requirements. Thus may it viable for them to come to set up an IT consulting / contracting company and to work for your client in a freelance capacity. However, applications to enter the UK in this capacity will often take several months to process, and are only viable for those who combine technical skills with business experience.

Go to our guide to freelance work in the UK for EC Association Agreement nationals.

Can the work be performed by someone on a different class of UK Visa?

If the candidate is not entitled to work in the UK without a work permit, you may have a number of other options: