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Unless you have a claim to Citizenship based on ancestry you will probably have apply for naturalisation in one of the following two categories:

Please note that as of November 1, 2005, you also have to pass the UK government's new Life in the UK citizenship test before you can apply for citizenship. Once you have passed the life in the UK test and received your certificate, please feel free to contact us. With our extremely competitive rates, our expert immigration caseworkers will be able to assist you in making your successful application immediately!

Naturalisation after six years in the UK

If you are not married to a British Citizen you will need to meet the following requirements:

In addition the candidate should have fulfilled the six-year requirement as detailed below. The six-year period is counted from the six years from the date when the application reaches the home office.

You must have had indefinite leave to remain (sometimes also known as permanent residency/ILR) to be able to apply for naturalisation.

The processing times for naturalisation applications is currently about six to seven months. If you are not married to an UK Citizen you will need to meet the following requirements:

If you would like assistance with a naturalisation application made on the basis of having permanent residency, please contact our office on (0)207 842 0800 or complete our online enquiry form.

Naturalisation after three years in the UK as a spouse of an UK Citizen

The requirements for naturalisation as a spouse of a British citizen are very similar to those mentioned above. The main difference is that there is a shorter residency requirement of three years in the UK as opposed to six years. The three years of the residency requirement are counted from the date your naturalisation application is received by the Home Office.

Further details on residency requirements are as follows:

This is a simplification of several complex laws; there may well be other important issues to consider.

Please contact us for more information and assistance on making an application for naturalisation based on marriage to a British citizen.