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Incorporating latest 7 November 2006 Regulations.
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Free HSMP Assessment Form

About You

Address and contact details

Education (You must gain points in this section to qualify under HSMP)

Academic qualifications*

Please tick if you have a bachelors degree or high level qualification from an UK educational institution?

MBA Provision (75 points)

I have a MBA from one of the following Universities, and have graduated since 2 December 2004. If you meet this requirement and the other requirements section you will automatically gain enough points

Work experience*

Earnings in any twelve month period over the last fifteen months or in the same period before you became a student in your country of residence

You may wish to go to the Universal currency convertor to convert to UK currency

Other Requirements

Have you completed a bachelors degree where the main language of instruction was English or can you come under Band 6 of the International English Language Testing System.*

Do you intend to make the UK your main home*

(Please note that this is a requirement of this programme)

If relevant, do you have the necessary qualifications and membership of the relevant organisation to work in the UK in your chosen field?

Are there any restrictions on your ability to work in the UK for one reason or another?*

If Yes, please provide further details:

Please explain why you feel confident of finding suitable work in the UK or provide details of an employer or agency interested in your services in the UK:*

How much do you expect to earn during your first twelve months in the UK?*

You may wish to go to the Universal currency convertor to convert to UK currency.

Have you ever been or are currently bankrupt?*

If Yes, please provide further details:

Have you ever been convicted of any criminal or civil offence?*

If Yes, please provide further details:

If possible, please copy and paste your work experience and qualifications details here without formatting commands:

Please provide details of work experience and qualifications for your spouse or partner:

partner only if you have been together 2 years

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Additional information

* - required fields

In sending this form to I consent to the storage on both electronic and paper files of the data provided. I also consent to the distribution of this data, or part thereof (whether in softcopy or hardcopy, or both) internally at