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Quick Summary of MBA Provision

If you have graduated with an MBA from a select list of institutions you will be able to live in the UK for up to 12 months to search for and take up employment on the completion of your MBA from 12 April 2005.

The 2004 UK Budget announced a new provision for graduates who have attended 50 of the top business schools to work in the UK for up to 12 months on completion of their MBAs. They may apply for a three-year extension at the end of the 12 months. After that, they may apply for unlimited leave to remain, otherwise known as permanent residence.

This provision is part of the Highly Skilled Migrant Programme (HSMP), and was launched on 12 April 2005.


The Highly Skilled Migrant Programme is designed to attract those with highly competitive skills to the UK to seek and take employment. For more information, see the HSMP section of this website.

The MBA provision (Masters in Business Administration)

There is a lack of high quality management, and the aim is to address this weakness in the UK economy by attracting highly qualified and talented managers to the UK. The Masters in Business Administration is one of the most respected and recognised management qualifications.

Who Qualifies?

Individuals who graduate from one of the eligible MBA programmes at the time it is on the list will be eligible to apply for the MBA provision.

It is important to note that you must graduate from an MBA programme when it is on the list. This means that those who have graduated from an MBA programme before 2 December 2004, when the list was released, are not eligible. However, if you have graduated from a top MBA, you may qualify under the regular HSMP, and can find out your chances on our HSMP calculator page. Those who have not yet graduated may submit an official letter from their tutor.


Requirements of the HSMP

The list of 50 eligible business school programmes

The Treasury published the list of the 50 eligible programmes with the Pre-Budget Report on 2 December. The Treasury will review and re-publish this list every year.

The 50 eligible programmes have been determined by looking at the following criteria as they are thought to best reflect the potential economic productive contribution of graduates:

Contact us to see whether you are eligible for the programme.

The list of institutions

The list of institutions will contain 10 UK institutions and 40 institutions from the rest of the world.

The quota of 10 UK institutions has been included because students already studying in the UK have 'already shown a commitment to this country and have begun to integrate in the UK, making it easier for them to continue their career here.'

The government is yet to sort out the details of the provision, and they will be published here when they are.

The list has been put together through an assessment of economic impacts only, by observing the effects of employment and income factors, and is correct as of December 2004: