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The workpermit.com HSMP department would like to offer you a new service tailored towards those of you who wish to make applications under the UK Highly Skilled Migrant Programme yourselves i.e. without legal representation.

Due to the complexities of the Scheme, and Home Office emphasis on quality and content of your supporting documentation, we are confident that you will benefit greatly from this service which essentially involves one of our experienced consultants checking over in full, an HSMP application that you are about to submit to the Home Office.

Our service includes the following:

Please note that this service does not include the lodging of your application with the UK Home Office and we take no responsibility for their final decision. If you would like us to do this for you, then we recommend making use of our full representation service.

What do I need to do?

We aim to provide the feedback within 24 hours of receipt of documents.

If you have already paid for the document verification service and then decide that you would like to go ahead with our full representation service, we will re-imburse the verification fee (deduct it from the full representation fee).

* - If you are paying our fees from within the UK, please note that a VAT charge of 17.5% has already been included in the price.