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Introduction to UK Immigration for Investors

This guide is aimed at people wishing to come to the UK as passive portfolio investors.

If you are an entrepreneur and want to come to the UK to establish and run your own business then please Click Here to go to the UK Entrepreneurís immigration Page

If you intend to send someone else to the UK to run your business for you, then please go to the UK Sole Representativeís Visa Page

Do I qualify to come to the UK as an Investor?

Like most countries, the UK welcomes wealthy individuals. If you have the necessary funds, it is relatively simple to get a visa to come to the UK as an investor. The requirements are:

  • Unit trusts
  • Private companies


  • Property investment companies.
  • Off shore companies.
  • Banks or building society accounts

What about My Family?

You may apply for your spouse and children to accompany you as your dependants.


Your children entering the UK as your dependants are entitled to the same free education as British children. You may choose to send your children to a private school if you wish.

Health care

You and your family are eligible to free health care provided by the National Health Service. You are not required to take out private health insurance.

Am I able to make the UK my home on a permanent basis?

Your initial visa will be valid for a period of 12 months. It will be based on your demonstrated assets and your stated plans, but no investment need occur before the visa is issued.

Within 3 months of your arrival in the UK you should have transferred the funds to the UK.

At the end of your first 12 months in the UK, you may apply for your visa to be extended for a further 3 years. This application will normally be successful as long as

If, during your first 12 months, the value of you UK portfolio falls below £1 million then your application to extend your visa will be closely scrutinised, and in some circumstances you may not get your extension.

After a total of 4 years in the UK you may apply for indefinite leave to remain (Permanent Residence). A year after being granted indefinite leave to remain you may apply for naturalisation as a British citizen. Click here for further details

How do I Apply?

You must apply for this visa from outside the country. can assist you with all aspects of the application.

You will need to provide documentary evidence that you have the funds at your disposal to transfer and you will need to supply details of the investments you plan to make ( can assist you with the drafting and presentation of this plan, although we do not give investment advice)

If you would like to apply, please contact