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If you have a genuine invitation to participate in an organised sporting event, you may enter the UK for up to six months as a sportsperson. You would not need a work permit but there are certain sporting activities that you would not be able to take part in.

If you want to enter the UK for a holiday that involves a recreational sport then you can come as a visitor. You should enter as a business visitor if you want to:

As a professional or amateur sportsperson, you can participate in an event, series, or tournament as an individual competitor or as a member of a team.

As an amateur or professional sportsperson, you can participate in a one-off charity sporting event, testimonial, benefit or exhibition match; you must not receive payment.

As an amateur sportsperson, you can join a UK club that is mainly amateur, i.e. with only one or two professional players. You are allowed to accept board, lodging and reasonable expenses, but no pay.

As a groom, you can accompany a horse in a competitive event or series of events.

As a personal coach, you can accompany a sportsperson for an event or series of events. You can also come to officiate for an event or series of events.

To come to the United Kingdom for other kinds of sporting activity, you need a work permit.

You will need a work permit if you intend to:

If you are a visa national you will need to apply for a visa before you travel to the UK. As a sportsperson, you can stay in the UK for a maximum of six months.

To apply for entry as a sportsperson you will need to provide evidence of: